Tourist Interests Area

"This symphonic poem of the land is Hăsmasu Mare, suddenly breaking out from fully plain, of course, Massine, ruling the north and the east."
(Geo Bogza)

The area represents one of the most picturesque carstic zones of our country, which from 1995 is under protection as a natural reservation, administrated by Sândominic Local Council and Silvic Protection from Izvorul Muresului, corresponding to number 13 Decision of District Council Harghita, on a 800 hectare surface.

The zone asserts through a rich and varies touristy potential in structure particular especially through:
- cinegetic and piscicole contents
- Varied landscpaisquaspects, given by surrounding mountain forms.
- mountain bioclimatic
- Snow layer with big and lasting thickness lasting about 5-6 months a year.
- The climate conditions constitutes an essential element of mountains turistic potential though its favorability for winter-sports practice.

Hăsmasu Mare massif is named "Ciuc's Alps", owning to its Hăsmasu Mare is the place with the richest number of edelweiss in Romania.
In the nearest approach there are the following tops from north to south: Single Rock (1648m ) offers good conditions for practicing the mountaineering ,at its foot there are accommodation possibilities (Single Rock Chalet of 30 Fortress beach top (1197 m), the Olt Copper's top (1072m)anal the Black Copper's top (1481 m).

On the west side of Hăsmas mountain ,on linen's limestone's and dolomite, from the principal peak come into sight high structural plateaus, like Hăsmasu Mare's plateau and Ocsem's plateau.These plateau and towards east through a prolong step with a very for tourists .In the town's proximity can be visited the Olt and Mures river's springs. Another zone with a special pitoresque is "the Brick" reservoir, situated not far from town.

Our champions
Our story doesn't start with "one upon a time", but with. First was Shanook,in 2000,the dog of our hearts.

It is the one who brought us lot of happiness and proud. In 2004,at the Romanian Television ,within the framework of the show called "tv Guinness Book", it pulled on whiles 1300kg and even 1500kg, this being the only national record registered until now.
This isn't its only performance. In the last years, at the race competition with canine atelaje called "Borsec Cup" and "Blue Sladge", being atalay leader, it brought the team and the first place at varies categories, contesting the statement of wicked tongues that said "malamut" are "heavy and lazy dogs".

Now Shanook helps his coach - Grosu Constantin - to train its other partners, for other great dogs, together helping the team to be on the top this year.

In this time we make the documents for founding a sport club with the purpose to promote sport manifestation with north breed dogs, especially malamutii from Alaska. The only that stops us is the obtaining of sport certificate of identity because at this time at national level there isn't any sport with this category.

These are some of ours objectives:
- to organise some sport competitions and manifestation at this category (canine traction);
- to organise some initiate in orientation camps, mountain tourism, musing skijoring, bikejoring and canine-cross.
- to assure the training for different duties;
- to promote the fair-play spirit;
- to initiate people in ecology, love for nature, the friendship and collaboration between human being and animal, especially dogs from malamute brud from Alaska.
- to join (through Sport Federation "Sport for Everyone") the international organisation and other sport federation of ecology and youth and so on.

The Hăsmasul Mountains touristic routes and beautiful lanscapes offers the possibility of living unforgettable feelings, for that we want to invite everyone who loves the nature and the dogs from Bălan; we can assure accommodation for four persons, stolls with the sledge pulled by dogs, trips in the middle of nature in every season.
Of course, we are opened at any kind support, we resort especially to the animal's lover and this kind of sport lovers. We could respond as we can: commercial contract, services and so on. Mariana Vrabie

This is our address:
Constantin Grosu
Street 1 Decembrie, block 58, stair 1, apt. 4
Town Bălan, P.C. 535200
tel. 0266.331.152, mob. 0745.311.695 si 0742.012.123